A tribute tracklist to the end of undergrad (!)

I planned to write a full blog post about the wonderfully dizzying mess of feelings I’m experiencing right now (relief, pride, exhaustion, excitement… the list goes on). But my brain’s still a little fried from exams.

So, here’s a playlist instead.  Continue reading

To explore at daybreak

If we surrendered

to earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.

Rainer Maria Rilke

All images taken at Makana Botanical Gardens [credit: Guinevere Shapiro]

Community spotlight: racing hearts for Heart Matters

This weekend, the Rhodes University Indoor Cycling team hosted their annual Cyclathon at the RU Health Suite. The event took place on Saturday, with 12 spinning classes, to raise funds for Heart Matters Pregnancy Care Centre.

13177357_1104974959565802_887976637345029361_n“No matter who you are, every heart matters,” said Marion Penney, centre director of Heart Matters at their talk last Thursday. This non-profit organisation, founded in Grahamstown in 2016, is open to all community members, be they university students, high school learners, or families in crisis. The organisation provides options for people dealing with unplanned or crisis pregnancies, stressing that they help not only pregnant women, but their partners and families too, guiding them through all the possible choices that they can make.  Continue reading