My name is Guinevere Shapiro, and I am a quiet kid.


I am currently in my third year studying Journalism and English Literature, at the University currently known as Rhodes (UCKAR) in Grahamstown, South Africa. There are important issues to discuss at UCKAR – both the bad and the good – and keeping quiet can be debilitating. Writing is my way of making noise when my voice is unable to.

I hope that fellow quiet kids may find solace in my words and my experiences, as I navigate through campus – and the world – with social anxiety. You know, that lovely disorder where you experience an inexplicable fear of other humans. I hope that you will see that you are capable of sharing your mind.

I’ve also been documenting my experience of depression and other, associated mental health problems, as a university student. I’d like to think that my blog helps to normalise mental illness and to erase the stigmas still present in our society.

Maybe you aren’t socially awkward, or depressed, or anxious, but I guarantee you know someone who is. So, stay a while, and you might learn a thing or two. The people who don’t make much noise may still have a lot to say.

Header image: Guinevere Shapiro
Featured photo: Inge van Diemen