An honest update.

Today marks the one-month anniversary of me failing to maintain a blog.

I’ve been beating myself up about this, and I figured an honest update is the only way to about it. I wish I could to attribute my absence to sheer laziness. If that were the case, maybe I’d snap out of it and dish out some decent posts.

I am not okay. In fact, I am very un-okay. That’s the premise of this blog: to discuss experiences with mental illness and show others that these experiences are normal, and shitty, and manageable.

I anticipated this blog to be cathartic, a way of sharing insight with others and in turn, viewing my troubles in a new light and tackling them. But in terms of mental health, 2017 has, as it were, shown me flames. It’s affected my academics, my physical health, and my social life. It has also affected my ability to work consistently on this blog on mental health (let us bask for a moment in the sweet, sweet irony of this).


Mental illness manifests differently in different people. Thoughts and feelings intertwine, they tangle, they strangle, they bite. Social anxiety and I are still at each other’s throats from time to time, but there are other monsters creeping through the window, and for that reason, this blog will develop in ways I hadn’t expected.

I can’t focus on one segment of mental health and pretend that the other monsters will give up and disappear. So please, stay around, and look out for more frequent posts on the art of un-okayness.


quiet kid


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