Word, um, fillers

Word filler: an apparently meaningless word, phrase, or sound that marks a pause or hesitation in speech.

I wish I could, like, speak my mind
And not use pointless terms
They infiltrate my thoughts all day
Like harmful, needy germs

I could be, um, making a point
Then, from my mouth they burst
Littering ideas with doubt
They’re honestly the worst

What if, you know, these word fillers
Could leave our speech alone?
What would we do with all that space
That allows for the unknown?

It’s lack of confidence, I think
That causes us to hide
Behind the er, um, so, like, yeah
That eats away our pride

Let’s work towards conviction
Let’s fight back at those fillers
They’re wordy, icky, pointless things,
Articulation killers

Leave your verbal comfort zone
Let your voice stand bare
And in due course, like, maybe –
You’ll speak without a care

Header image: Guinevere Shapiro

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